Bringing Character to Your New Apartment With DIY Wall Art

You’ve just moved in to the perfect new apartment, and are trying to find ways to create your new place feel like home. After unpacking all your boxes, look to the vast expanse of blank walls for the perfect canvas on which to personalize your apartment. Extraordinary wall hangings are a great way to customize your home, particularly if your landlord won’t allow you to paint. Cover those empty walls with unique mirrors, picture frames, tapestries, and so much more. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling right in the home surrounded by works of art that are yours and yours alone.

Faux Framing


You’re going to want to find a be noticeable way to display your collection if you collect photography or art prints. But custom mats and framing can get expensive quickly, and the cost of framing a large collection will add up before you know it. Consider instead adhering your prints directly to the walls will a non-damaging and color safe fixative, and then getting creative with faux frames! You can use brightly colored wall tape to enhance the tones of each individual print, while laying out the tape in creative patterns. Adhesive frame shaped “stickers” are also available online from creative retailers like Etsy. You can get a decal that looks as an ornate gilded frame that may adhere then be peeled off again in seconds flat.

Floral Shadow Boxes


Shadow boxes bring a sense of nostalgia and whimsy to your rooms, while feminine florals really compliment delicate design. Make shadow boxes of your own using high quality faux frames and flowers purchased on your local craft supply store. Shop around for a variety of blossoms in differentshapes and colours, and sizes. Use permanent craft glue to adhere the blossoms to the back of a frame. You can make a lush garden, lay them out into patterns, or even spell out your initials using the blooms! Simply pop your finished design into a deep frame and hang! We think a collection of these shadow boxes scattered around a living room would make a beautiful impression.

Wood, Yarn, and Nails


Repurpose some old pieces of scrap wood and turn them into beautiful, textural extraordinary wall hangings! Head to a lumberyard to grab rough and warn pieces of wood in a range of sizes. Many stores actually give you their scraps totally free! If possible, grab a hammer and some nails, and start contemplating your designs, treat the wood with a sealant. Use the nails to form the outline of a star, cross, or even the letters of your name. After the outline is complete, wrap yarn in a variety of colors around the nails to flesh out your shapes. Add hooks and grommets from to the back of your piece so that it can hang easily. Check the for all your DIY needs, and very soon you’ll be whipping up customized art for every corner of your new apartment!

Compression Socks Assist With Achilles Tendonitis

Compression Socks Assist With Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon in the back of the ankle connects muscles to bones, and is essential to the ability to walk. It is a large tendon, so injury is both one of the more serious sports injuries and also one of the more common. Scientists believe it to be the most frequently injured tendon in the human body. Minor to moderate Achilles tendon injuries often result in a diagnosis of tendonitis, a painful swelling of the back of the ankle. Many runners and other athletes have begun wearing compression socks as a healing, as well as preventative, measure to tendonitis and other lower leg problems.

Minor Achilles injuries frequently heal on their own, provided the tendon is given adequate time and opportunity to heal. One way to support this process without curtailing normal activities of daily living too much is to provide gentle compressive support. Although there are many ways to provide such support such as a brace, bandage wrap or a good pair of compression socks. Compression socks, also known as compression stockings and support socks, are sometimes recommended by healthcare specialists for convenience and the ability to preserve as normal an appearance and lifestyle as possible during the injury healing process. Using stockings that come in different colors and resemble dress socks is less likely to draw notice or unwanted commentary and questions as compared to crutches, braces or bulky bandages. Lastly, this approach will not interfere with activities, but will provide support to the ankle area.

If someone is prone to Achilles tendon injuries or suffers from a chronic condition, compression socks can provide ongoing support to ease pain, reduce incidence of injury and slow or prevent deterioration. Support socks can be worn throughout the workday or when playing sports. There is substantial scientific support for the fact that this kind of protective wear aids in recovery from various problems of the lower extremities. There is growing sentiment that it also has value as a preventive measure. Scientific evidence of prevention, however, is still a step behind the anecdotal evidence and testimony provided by such respected sources as world class track stars. Respect for their opinions is gradually inspiring scientific inquiry into this end of it. Early studies are generally supporting this view. Until all the evidence is in, the prudent course of action is to err on the side of caution and wear them preventatively as well.

Curved Male Organ – When To See A Doctor

Curved Male Organ – When To See A Doctor

All sorts of things are better when they’re bent, including bananas, boomerangs and rainbows. The curves make these things work. But when it’s the male organ that bends, that’s a slightly different story. In fact, sometimes a curved male organ is so serious that a man needs intensive manhood care measures in order to restore proper function.

While not all cases of male organ bends are serious, these are just a few situations in which men should go and visit their doctors for help.

Physical Love is Difficult or Impossible

Some bends are so subtle that they’re easy to ignore. A man might see the curve when he’s looking down, for example, but a partner might not notice anything at all, even when that partner is in close contact with the bent organ.

There are times, however, when bends are so severe that the manhood just doesn’t work right. The angle of the curve makes intimacy almost impossible, and if a man can manage to get inside, he might pop right back out again due to his bend.

This is a serious case of the bends, and thankfully, doctors can be a big help in straightening things out. Surgeries can help to restore the proper male organ angle, and sometimes, stretching exercises can bring a man back to his former state of glory. Men who just can’t get physical should seek help.

The Curve Causes Pain

Manhood bends can sometimes occur due to scar tissue, and when guys with such tools get excited, healthy tissues can tug on those bits of damaged tissue. The pulling sensation that results can be quite painful. Sometimes, it can be so painful that it wakes a man up in the middle of the night.

Anytime a curve causes physical pain, a doctor should get involved. After all, pain is the body’s way of notifying the brain that something may be going wrong. Those aren’t the sorts of signals that anyone should ignore.

Bruises and Bleeding Come Along, Too

Many forms of male organ bends are slow growing. These are the sorts of things that happen over years and years of bad behavior, and often, they don’t develop with any other symptoms. A curve just grows slowly, almost by itself.

But sometimes, men can develop dramatic bends in response to something sudden and serious, like:

– A blow to the lap

– Animal bites

– Sudden moves during physical love

– A fall

Bruising, bleeding and severe pain might accompany injuries like this, and all of those signals show a man how serious the problem is. These are the sorts of problems that are so serious, in fact, that a man should go right to the emergency room for help. That’s the best way to make sure the problem is handled properly so a man can recover.

What Happens Now?

While there are quite a few situations that merit the help of a doctor, many men have bends and curves that aren’t serious, but that are still annoying. Thankfully, there are many things they can do at home to make the situation better.

A manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) might be useful here. These products contain emollients that can soften scar tissue, which could help to make a curvy male organ just a little bit straighter. The vitamins included in each dose can also provide skin cells with the nutrients they need to knit back together after an injury, and that could be a big help to men who seem compelled to do things that put the manhood in peril. A daily dose is easy to apply, and it feels great, too. For men with curves, and those who don’t want curves, such a product may be a useful addition to the male organ care regimen.